02 May, 2009

Ventilation in flat roofed houses

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Yesterday I was asked to go to a clients home who has a flat roof.

He had been told that he can’t have a forced air ventilation sysyem because of his flat roof, but wants one as his son has a well designed forced air ventilation system in his home and my client saw the changes in the home in 3mths, but has been really impressed with the improvement in the health of his grandchildren, so he want’s this change for both himself and his wife.

The house  has a 500mm gap between the roofing iron and the ceiling so there is plenty of room to install the fan units in this space. The client has been checking his roof cavity for both humidity and temperature over the last week and found that it was definatly both dryer and warmer than inside his home, it’s suprising what solar energy can do. So he in now happy to install a ventilation system designed for his home, I am taking into account the volume of the home, the number of rooms to be ventilated, his existing home heating (which is a heat pump) and advising on bathroom fans and range hood changes. This way we are looking after all the family needs and the best for the home.

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