Ventilating a One Hundred year old home

Ventilating a One Hundred year old home.

This home has been magnificently restored since it was moved to the country side after living many years in the city. This home has a 3 meter high stud and as the owners comment it is a fantastic home in the summer but hard to heat and quite damp in the winter. The condensation has always bad even immediately after it was renovated.

Their son had allergies and their daughter had asthma, both of their bedrooms are on the cold side of the home, after discussions with both mum and dad it was decided to in there words ‘attempt to remove some condensation and hopefully reduce the dampness in the home’ as they were very aware that damp bedrooms can only exacerbate the symptoms for both children.

After a careful measure of the homestead, which is quite large, remember the high stud, I specified a suitable configuration and arranged an install date. I was very happy that this system would satisfy the needs of this family, quite possibly even better than they were expecting.

The system was duly installed and I rang them a week later to get their first impressions, mum was impressed, her bed felt better, I had to ask about the children’s bedrooms, what she had noticed was they seemed fresher especially her teenage sons room and her daughter seemed to be coughing much less. The condensation had reduced, not entirely gone (yet) as there had been many years of moisture put into the home, I explained an adjustment to the controller, which was made while I was on the phone.

This was early winter so I said I would ring later in the year, well, I got a phone call about three months later from dad praising the changes in the home which he put down solely to the ventilation system, the condensation had completely disappeared, the mould did not return, once it had been cleaned (it would normally reappear shortly after being cleaned away) and no emergency trips to the hospital or doctor for either his son or daughter, which had occurred the previous year.

What instigated him to ring – was something he did not expect – he found drawers that in the past could not be opened on some pieces of antique furniture, were free and able to be used again, they had given up using one specific side board as it was so bad and they did not want to cause any damage, but now was completely usable. He also commented that last year he had noticed mould and dampness had settled on some cd’s in the rack and this year there had been none he was very happy.

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