Testimonials for Home Ventilation Systems

  To whom it may concern,

This is just a quick note to say thanks, this is the second ventilation system we have bought off you in the last three years.

The first home we put your ventilation system in was brand new and had very little heating. The first thing we noticed was that the condensation (yes even though it was new) disappeared, and the house felt better, we did not feel as though we needed to heat it much. You commented that we would still need some form of heating and you recommended a heat pump, it took us a year to get around to doing that.

We were quite comfortable there but wanted to move nearer the kid’s so we had a new home built and moved in. A Heat Pump was part of the house package and the other half felt we would not need the Ventilation system I had my doubts.

Well I thought my new home would be warm and dry from day one, it wasn’t. After a month in the new home we were running the heat pump from midday to bed time and at 24deg C, we used to run the other at only 21deg C. So after some discussion and checking this new house for correct insulation and stopping drafts from coming in around the garage door, I rang you.

Well thank you very much, you explained what was happening, and I’m impressed again with the ventilation system you’ve had installed for us. Two weeks after the installation the house now feels like a home – fresh and warm and the heat pump operates for only 1 to 3 hours each day it is needed at a temperature of 21deg C, just like we were used to in the other house.

We are very happy and explain to our friends when the occasion arises. If we build another home it will have one
of your ventilation systems installed before we move in.

Mark & Tina

Hi All,

Our new Home Ventilation System is installed thanks to you and your great team, from the start I felt we were going
to get a system that was the best for us, you asked us questions, found out about us and our home, then explained the
causes and effects and things that I did not realise happened, in a way that was easy for us both to understand.

We had listened to 3 other companies, you had been recommended by a friend, and I now know why he recommended you.
You covered areas that were not even thought of or asked about by the others. You explained how and when it works
and I was impressed by your knowledge. I’m an engineer and I thought I ‘knew it all’, but I realise that we get
blinded by knowledge rather than the actual understanding of what is happening.

Thank you, the Ventilation system is doing just what you said it would and we are very impressed. Looking forward
to talking about the new products when they become available.


Lisa and Jim