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It is two story with exposed beams in both the lounge and the master bedroom, Downstairs we have the lounge, kitchen, dining room, bathroom and two very cold and damp bedrooms. Upstairs is the master bedroom, ensuite and an office, these cover less than half of the downstairs floor area. In the lounge is a […]

Yesterday I was asked to go to a clients home who has a flat roof. He had been told that he can’t have a forced air ventilation sysyem because of his flat roof, but wants one as his son has a well designed forced air ventilation system in his home and my client saw the […]

29 Apr, 2009

Solar Energy Available in New Zealand

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Solar Energy Available in New Zealand. I’ve added an interesting page on Solar Energy, New Zealand gets an average of 1400 KW’s per meter Sq per year where as Germany only gets 1000 KW’s per meter Sq per year. And we waste it each and every day. Why not use it?