30 Apr, 2009

How to Stop Condensation

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What is the best way to Stop Condensation?

Some people believe Double glazing will (the water or mist on the glass) – All double glazing does is the impression of on the glass, it does not the moisture levels inside the home. If all you have done is add Double Glazing to your home, the water that used to run off your windows will now be soaking into your carpets, fabrics and beds even more.

The best way to is to dry out your home on a daily basis, and the best way to do that is to install a good home ventilation system designed for your home and all manufacture of where ever possible.

One of the major sources of is the steam you produce in your shower, by installing a  STEAM STOPPER over your shower you will cut the in your bathroom, make your shower more efficient, save lost heat and save money.

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