Free Solar Energy available to New Zealand homes

Solar Energy

Free Solar Energy available to New Zealand homes

New Zealand is very lucky, our homes collect large amounts of solar energy, homes are often placed on our sections to get the best solar energy from the sun even years ago before we thought of using solar energy to heat or dry out your home. We have known for years that the sun can be used to make our home feel warmer and better to live, in fact, in winter we look to find the warmest part of the home to sit, study or watch TV and if your home was placed well on your section this room is likely to be your lounge or conservatory. What about your bedrooms or study how do they get warmth and fresh air?

Now think of your roof, it is the largest solar collector you have ever bought, and how much solar energy your roof collects. Some homes use solar energy to heat water, most of the systems available use only 4m² of solar collector to heat 300L of hot water. Now imagine, what 150m² of roof can do to heat air. Air that is dried and heated by mother nature each day, warm dry fresh air that we lose and waste each and every day.

Your roof – no matter what it is made of, iron or concrete tile – collects on average 1404kw of solar energy per m² per year in New Zealand. This equates to $238 of electricity at $0.17c per kw if we had to pay for this energy. It is solar energy that is lost each year, in fact each day huge amounts of solar energy is lost by your home. Why not use it? Contact us to use this wasted energy.
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Available Solar Energy in New Zealand

Available Solar Energy in New Zealand


Check out the complete report on the New Zealand Energy Efficency Conservation Authority Site
This dry warm healthy air can be used to keep your home dryer and warmer than your home has ever been. This will in turn reduce the damaged caused to your home by condensation, mould and dampness, with the advantages being a reduction in the homes running costs and an improvement in the health of each and every person who lives in your home, reducing  illnesses, cold’s, flu’s, asthma symptoms, hay fever, running noses, hours or even days off work or school.

Every house has one room that just feels colder or damper than any other, imagine how that room would feel, just by pumping dry warm fresh air into it, there will be far less condensation – possibly all gone – the carpet will feel dryer/warmer, the bed will feel fresh to get into (even without an electric blanket) it will not feel damp. The window sills will not need to be painted as often.

Contact us to use this wasted energy.

Have you ever wondered how easy it would be to produce your own energy?

If so get this book to read I found it great.. click on the book to learn more.


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