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Install Home Ventilation Systems or  Heat Pumps.

Heat pumps – otherwise known as air conditioners – are very efficient in comparison to standard electric and gas heaters or wood fires.

Heat pumps are great to heat air, but like all heaters they have problems heating moisture. If your home has any moisture, dampness or humidity – in your carpets, your lounge suite, your curtains or your bed – you are taking longer to heat those rooms and wasting energy, of any sort, and making your family less healthy, than if these rooms (your home) are dryer in the first place. Heat pumps become more inefficient in any of its modes – heating and cooling – if they firstly needs to heat up the water in your room, and then when it condenses it causes condensation.

Have you ever walked past a heat pump that is pumping out 23ºC air and you feel like there is a cold draft hitting you? It happens often, and because of that people increase the temp setting because they ‘FEEL’ cold.

Standard wall mounted heat pumps will heat up the room they are installed in, if it has been over sized the heat pump may be able to pass some heat to the next room. Will it go down the passage to your bedrooms? Does your existing heater do that? Do you have damp beds? Most people do not want to admit this one, we accept what we have because we know no better.

It’s an interesting question

Should I use a home ventilation systems or heat pumps?

Well I personally am a strong believer that you should use both in most cases, I’ll explain;


You need to dry out your home continuously, (a family of 4 puts at least 30 Litres of moisture into your home each day, lets remove it as you make it). Keep it dry and then you will heat it less often and save you money.

Learn more about the problems of having too much moisture in your home.
Use mother nature (free solar energy you already have) to dry and warm your home naturally with home ventilation systems, use this free energy to remove the moisture from your carpets, your beds, your fabrics, in fact your entire home, you will be surprised how different your home feels. Use solar energy (yes mother nature) to kill off mould and keep your home fresh, clean and dry – with your windows closed and you still get fresh air.

You will use less ‘paid for’ energy to ultimately heat your home as you will have less moisture to heat.
Imagine the feeling when you arrive home from work each day and find your home is pleasant, fresh, warm, odour free and dry, a totally different feeling to what most people feel in their own homes.

Doing this will also keep your home secure (as you do not need to leave a window when you are away)
And odour free dry and free while you are on holiday or at work. Remember heat pumps will only operate while you have them turned on, do you have them on while you are away from your home? Home Ventilation systems operate automatically working for you 24 hours a day 365 days a year and will adjust to what your house needs.


Heat pumps works best with your windows closed, in fact, often the 1st paragraph in the operating manual states. “Close all windows and doors to get the best efficient heating or cooling from this appliance”.
Here is the next concern, one of the main reasons we buy heat pumps is that we want to save money to be both cost efficient and environmentally correct, which heat pumps can be, unless you have to heat the home up more than need be or run them too often in summer to cool dry and dehumidify your home.

Whenever your home is closed up it tends to keep the moisture enclosed inside, yes 30 litres a day can be left in your home. Now I’ve said this before and I’ll probably say it again, if you do not install home ventilation systems in your homes you will allow your homes to become damp and feel far colder – especially if it is well Insulated and Double Glazed home – therefore making it harder to heat each year. In other words you will waste more energy and money each year to make your home as comfortable as you or your family would like it to be.

Learn how well designed home ventilation systems can benefit you and your family.

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