13 Jul, 2009

Heat pumps and Condensation

Posted by: charles In: Ventilation and Heat Pumps

Almost every day I get called into homes that have heat pumps installed and are still getting large quantities of condensation on all windows throughout the home.
These clients have been told by the heat pump sales person that installing a heatpump, they will remove all condensation. Yes a heat pump (AKA airconditioner) can remove moisture from the room which it has been installed but this can only happen efficently in cooling mode and below 20 deg C, in other words summer.
They have tried running the heat pump for 24 hours over a period of 2 to 3 weeks, they have tried to heat the home to either a higher or lower temperature (both ideas, as advised by various people) but to no avail, they still get condensation. In two cases they have double glazing.
Condensation can only be removed by introducing dry, fresh and wherever possible warmer air through your home by a continuously controlled ventliation system, which complements a correctly sized heatpump. Heating only enables the moisture to be held in or absorbed by the air. When you use a heat pump we tend to heat for longer and this therefore gives us the idea that the house is dryer but then we get more condensation the following morning.  

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