29 May, 2010

So what is a good ventilation system for a character house?

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In answer to the above question….
This can also be used as a guide as to the basics of choosing a ventilation system for any home, without a central heating system installed.
#1. It needs to be vented into each of your bedrooms and all living spaces.
#2. When the roof cavity is warmer than the house it should be capable of moving up to 2 1/2 to 3 times the air volume of your home. (so with a higher stud it is important the system can cope with the volume of your home)
#3. The system you install should work around your needs, if you want a heat transfer (say you have a large w/fire in your lounge) you can have one.
#4. I’m guessing your home does not get tooo hot in summer, Therefore you probably don’t need a summer fresh air supply, but you should be able to add that process if you need to.
#5. You should be able to choose the target temperature in your home – that way the system is working to raise or lower the house temperature to your needs, and should not cut off when the roof gets hot but the house is not up to your chosen temperature.
I hope this helps if you need more specific info email me through the contact page.

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