10 Jul, 2009

Condensation as a Problem

Posted by: charles In: Condensation it's causes and cures

When we see condensation as a problem we tend to stick to just one thought and that is just to remove the condensation, what we forget is that our cold bed in winter (caused by winter dampness in our home) is also our hot sticky bed in summer (caused by the summer humidity in our home).

Condensation is only a signal that we have too much dampness in our home, some people believe that condensation is only a problem in winter. The results that we see are only in certain weather conditions that often occur in winter but as many of  you know our weather in New Zealand around christmas can even cause condensation to appear (and thats in summer).

This tends to show that it is conditions, rather than time of year, that causes condensation, therefore continuous year round ventilation is required to successfully remove excess moisture from our homes helping to keep your home dry,efficent and healthy for your family.

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