25 Jun, 2009

Condensation in Auckland, NZ

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The weather we’ve had over the last few weeks has been great with cold nights, frosty mornings and fantastic days.

These conditions give us lovely fine days but also perfect conditions to produce bad condensation on windows including some double glazed window frames.

On these cold nights we heat our homes more, this in turn draws more water out of our carpets, curtains and all other porous surfaces. Heating the air enables it to hold more water vapour, this we don’t notice as we are warm and cosy – and what we don’t realise is that it costs us to keep the water as vapour. While the air is kept warm the water vapour will stay suspended, once the air cools the water falls out of the air, back into our carpets and furniture and condenses on all non porous and cold surfaces which is generally our windows (I have seen condensation on marble/granite coffee tables). This water stays in our fabrics and carpets until next time we heat the room sufficiently enough to draw it into our home atmosphere, increasing the cost of heating our home   

In these conditions even double glazing can have condensation appearing on the aluminium joinery in far greater quantities (again water that still needs wiping up along with possible damage to your window sills). 

To reduce or most likely remove condensation completely we need to remove the cause not just put a Band-Aid over the results of having a damp or humid home.

Many people believe that completely insulating our homes and installing double glazing will fix our condensation problems but all they do is mask the appearance of condensation on our glass or even our walls.

In insulating and double glazing our homes we reduce the heat loss, which is great, but we also reduce the breathing of the home and therefore reduce the ‘ventilation’ of the home. In doing this we will increase the moisture which will in tern make the home less efficient, colder and more costly to heat. Feel colder, because the home will be damper and more costly to heat because the dampness has to be heated first.

To make your home more efficient you need to remove moisture and lower the relative humidity in our home. Doing this will make your home easier to heat, more comfortable to live in, healthier and reduce overall maintenance.

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