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The EECA had a report done (Jan 2009) on the home ventilation systems available in New Zealand. This report (like most reports) seems to be done from a perspective and reading other reports. Some of the writer’s points of view are valid but still need discussing.  Over the next few weeks I will put my perspective across to allow open discussion […]

13 Jul, 2009

Heat pumps and Condensation

Posted by: charles In: Ventilation and Heat Pumps

Almost every day I get called into homes that have heat pumps installed and are still getting large quantities of condensation on all windows throughout the home. These clients have been told by the heat pump sales person that installing a heatpump, they will remove all condensation. Yes a heat pump (AKA airconditioner) can remove […]

When we see condensation as a problem we tend to stick to just one thought and that is just to remove the condensation, what we forget is that our cold bed in winter (caused by winter dampness in our home) is also our hot sticky bed in summer (caused by the summer humidity in our […]