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What is the best way to Stop Condensation? Some people believe Double glazing will (the water or mist on the glass) – All double glazing does is the impression of on the glass, it does not the moisture levels inside the home. If all you have done is add Double Glazing to your home, the water […]

29 Apr, 2009

Solar Energy Available in New Zealand

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Solar Energy Available in New Zealand. I’ve added an interesting page on Solar Energy, New Zealand gets an average of 1400 KW’s per meter Sq per year where as Germany only gets 1000 KW’s per meter Sq per year. And we waste it each and every day. Why not use it?

Today I looked at an 80 year old double brick house, 3 bedroom with bad odours from both cooking and mould. This house has a heat pump installed in the lounge. The owner says, it gets warm in the lounge, but the heat pump guy’s say it is big enough to heat the lounge and 2 […]

Have a read of the page on condensation it’s causes and some cures. How a modern well designed  Home Ventilation system will benefit you and your family.