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Home Ventilation

Home ventilation has been used in one way or another ever since we moved out of the caves and built the first shelter.

Generally back hundreds of years ago homes had that many holes in them that fresh air moved through at all times and were very cold. Our homes were cold because, well they were (sometimes it was and is warmer outside). They are drafty, hard to and expensive to heat, but we had little condensation and little mould and mildew. We even opened our windows to ventilate our NZ home and supply us with fresh air, then rushed around the home before sunset and closed all the windows to “keep the heat in” as my mother said very often over the years. Mmmm, interesting theory but now, proven not quite so correct.

As the years moved on we covered the home with better roofing, better wall cladding and flooring, aluminum windows and started to see the benefits of sealing the home more and more, we again found better ways of heating our homes using wood fires and more recently heat pumps and solar energy, in doing so found we needed to keep the heat in, so we started to install Insulation and Double Glazing where ever possible. As we made each improvement, our homes became more and more susceptible to condensation effectively our home was no longer breathing and the moisture that we produced was not leaving the home, we installed bathroom fans and range hoods for ventilation in our NZ homes, all that does is take steam out of the home drawing more cold damp air in. Now I ask is that the best thing to do? With all these “improvements” we have found we are causing our homes to become even damper and colder and harder to heat than they have been in the past.

All this is making unhealthy homes – they have condensation, mould, damaged window sills, dampness, cold beds and high power bills – which in turn are making un healthy families with all sorts of ongoing illnesses causing time off work and school, lack of concentration, increasing medical bills for both families and the country as a whole. Children, in particular are susceptible to poor indoor air quality, as children develop we are doing them an in justice by not giving them the best health we possibly can.
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To help your family to become more alert and healthy and to reduce the maintenance and running cost of your home you need to dry out your home as the first step. This will naturally make your home warmer and virtually remove all condensation mould and mildew.

To do this we have used dehumidifiers – some people still do – they have proved to work, but can be inefficient and expensive to run then you have to keep emptying the ‘bucket’ and as you dry out the air more damp cold air is pulled into the room, so it becomes an ongoing process. To dehumidify your complete home you would need to put a dehumidifier in each room and let them run all day – many disadvantages there – you would still need to open windows to bring in fresh air. What I’ve pointed out here is an extreme idea I do not recommend it, however I did come across 1 family that realised the advantages of having 3 dehumidifiers, there power bill has dropped very significantly since installing a New Zealand home ventilation system we supplied that was sized to the home and had the added benefits to suit the family and home.
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